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Let me introduce myself.

My name is Kathie Adler with Advisors Mortgage, and I've been helping First Time Homebuyers,
homeowners who wish to refinance, and senior homeowners change their lives through the FHA
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. I've been doing mortgages since 2001, helping first time
home buyers and those who wish to refinance or take cash out with the best rates possible.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are purchasing a home or refinancing a current home.
Advisors Mortgage does FHA, VA, Commercial Loans, RENO Loans, and Reverse Mortgages.
Even though I do all types of mortgages, my specialty has been Reverse Mortgages, so I will
share my expertise here.

Whether just wanting some cash to live more comfortably, wanting to travel, getting out of debt
or bankruptcy or just wanting to update a new kitchen, I feel good about having been able to
help change lives. You may have heard the term “reverse mortgage”, and that is an accurate
term, but the program is actually called HECM, Home Equity Conversion mortgage, where you
can convert part of the equity in your home into tax free cash. You don't have to give up title OR
take on a new monthly mortgage payment. In a word, it's FREEDOM.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a special type of loan for homeowners 62 years of age and above that
will not affect Social Security or Medicare, and there are no health or minimum credit score
requirements. You can even own two homes in different states (a second home closer to the
kids and grandkids) as long as one of the homes is your primary residence for at least 6 months
of the year. A Reverse Mortgage can provide peace of mind in your retirement years, and if you
are considering moving, you can take out a Reverse Mortgage called HECM purchase on
another home and yet have no monthly mortgage payments. Of course, lenders will accept a
monthly payment of your choosing, but it is not required.

A Reverse Mortgage frees up the equity in your home that has been sitting there virtually
untapped and converts it into tax free cash. This can mean financial freedom and financial
stability. A Reverse Mortgage can be used for a host of needs and wants. Familiarize yourself
with the content of my website, www.ReverseMortgageHelpline.com and be sure to give me a
call for a free quote and free literature. After all, until you know the numbers and how much
money you can expect from a Reverse Mortgage, how can you decide whether it's right for you
or not?

“But it sounds too good to be true.”


The phrase, "too good to be true", while it may apply to some situations, does not apply here.
This loan is a great mortgage for seniors and for all the right reasons. For the right person, a
reverse mortgage can be a life changing experience. One exciting feature of the Reverse
Mortgage: if there is enough equity in your home, your current mortgage balance can be paid off
by the reverse mortgage, thereby releasing you from any further mortgage payments for the rest
of your life.

The HECM for Purchase program enables you to purchase a new home with a Reverse
Mortgage and still have no monthly mortgage payments. You can sell a home, keep some
money in your pocket from the sale, the reverse mortgage provides some proceeds also – and
yet there is NO monthly mortgage payment. One parameter is that you must move into the new
property within 60 days of closing.

With the FHA Insured HECM, which is essentially a refinance with no monthly payments
required, you get to keep your house and make payments if you want to. Whether you have a
current mortgage or not, you can do a Reverse Mortgage. It's entirely up to you. It all depends
on how much equity you have. Please consider this loan. If you don’t have a savings cushion
in case you need money, if you don’t have a diverse portfolio of assets, if you are relying on
social security checks to support the household bills, if you want your house to pay its own
taxes from now on, and if you are accessing taxable funds now or stressed out about your
mortgage payments, the HECM program could change your entire life.

As you study and learn and see if this program fits your wants or needs, don't forget the website
I created to provide helpful information: www.ReverseMortgageHelpline.com. As a senior
myself, I understand the needs of those senior homeowners who may be confused about this
program whether due to misinformation by media sources or from those who thought they were
being helpful to you. Listen to the professionals because they are trained to KNOW all about
the HECM program and how it might benefit you. I am here to answer any and all of your
questions about the HECM program. Advisors Mortgage has a host of products for potential
borrowers such as VA, FHA, 203k, construction loans, commercial loans, and first time buyer
products. I will help in any way I can so please don't hesitate to call.

Kathie Adler – Mortgage Loan Originator and Reverse Mortgage Specialist
NMLS # 65780 – Advisors Mortgage, Lindenhurst Branch, NY (NMLS # )301453


About Advisors:

With big dreams and even more determination, Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC was founded in October 1999 by a single loan officer in a 400 square foot office in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. In the years since its formation, AMG has grown to serve not only the greater New Jersey area, but also a vast portion of the United States. With branch offices up and down the East Coast and its corporate office in Ocean Township, NJ, Advisors Mortgage has established itself as a pillar of excellence in the mortgage industry. Our immense experience is our greatest asset and is the foundation of the success of the company and every Advisors branch and loan officer.

In 2005, Advisors Mortgage Group was designated by the Federal Housing Authority as a Full Eagle FHA Underwriter. As a Full Eagle, Advisors has been able to expand its loan volume by approving loans which a majority of the competition could not dream of. We have built a platform for a seamless and stress-free mortgage process for all of our customers, and we have that same mission throughout all of our offices. We understand that success cannot be attained without teamwork and communication, two of our most important strengths



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